A trusted partner

Fullservice offers the complete range of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services in the field of industrial mechanical, electrical and thermo-hydraulic systems. Fullservice’s experienced teams of craftsmen provide the highest standard of excellence of both new and restorations of existing restaurants and local stores in restaurant industry. Our goal is to reduce down time, save on energy costs and minimize the occurrences of costly breakdowns. By providing a planned maintenance program of optimizing industrial plants systems along with 24-hour service from our certified technicians, we achieve these goals with our customers.

With an average of 1.320 ordinary maintenance operations per year and more than 100 annual maintenance interventions, Fullservice is the partner of choice for over 110 local stores spread throughout Italy and abroad.

We are the industry experts

With 20 years of combined experience, our emergency response crews are operational throughout the country and abroad. Fullservice uses highly qualified and interdisciplinary skills thanks to decades of know-how in the field of franchised commercial restaurants. The efficiency of Fullservice services is nourished thanks to the continuous training of staff and the use of the best technologies and materials available on the market. We use the most up to date equipment, products and procedures to insure the best results for your industrial plants.

All services are performed in compliance with the national and international regulations in force. Your program will be developed based on the type and condition of your equipment. On each visit, our technician will perform the needed tasks at the appropriate times of season. He will also leave a copy of his work orders as your guide to the work that has been performed.

We are committed to our work and to our clients

Fullservice is a reliable interlocutor for all plant requirements and building interventions in the field of franchised restaurants throughout the life cycle of the plants ensuring the optimization of operating costs. A point of reference for turnkey needs and the complete range of subsequent ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services, Fullservice guarantees a highly competent service in line with the highest market standards.

Heating, cooling and refrigeration systems have a way of breaking down when the weather is at its worst – on the coldest night of a frigid winter or during a sizzling heat wave, a time when your system must work the hardest and you need it the most. We develop a prescription based on the age, type and usage of your equipment, and then regularly service your equipment during non-peak hours. Our Performance Based Planned Maintenance Program prevents many of costly breakdowns through regularly scheduled, individually prescribed maintenance and inspections.