Fullservice in charge for In's supermarket Quarto D'Altino opening

General contractor Fullservice Contract has been confirmed for the new opening of In's supermarket based in Quarto d'Altino. Fullservice continues to be the partner of choice of the supermarket for new openings. The general contractor has over 25 years of experience in both private and pubblic general contracting.

Why go for a general contractor? The case of Vittorio Cini primary school (PD)

"The Client has identified in the general contractor Fullservice a single interlocutor capable of excellent commitments of all the construction processes including the optimization of times and economic costs as well as the competent figure for the supervision of technical and legal responsibilities." -  declared today Roberto Bertin, the president of board of directors, following the handover of the keys.

With over 25 years of experience in both public and private general contracting businesses, Fullservice has extreme knowledge of the construction processes and of all various deadlines to handle including  technical and bureaucratic deadlines whose failure sometimes leads to extremely uneconomic stops.consiglio di amministrazione

Fullservice acts as coordinator of all the professionals involved in the construction process thus guaranteeing economic savings, as the sub contractors are identified on the basis of the experience of the general contractor and the convenience of the times that they guarantee all within the construction process.

Within the staff there are in fact specific roles who know the job perfectly in the sectors to which they belong. These are able to identify the major criticalities during the various construction or renovation works, and thanks to their specific expertise they know how to overcome them quickly and without exorbitant costs.

At Fullservice we're used to say: " We'll take care of your project so that you can focus only on business."

Vittorio Cini primary school in Monselice

Targeted interventions aimed at limiting energy consumption at Vittorio Cini primary school in Monselice are about to start.

Fullservice, with over 25 years of experience in field of private and pubblic construction general contracting, will carry out building works, doors and windows, insulating walls and internal false ceilings, electrical and mechanical systems within the school.

Shi's Trento restaurant renovation to start!

Shi's Trento is a japanese restaurant part of Cigierre Group and fully built back in 2016 by Fullservice. Today the restaurant is ready to be renovated and to gain the new winning look that new restaurant of the sam chain have. Fullservice is in charge for the renovation and the restaurant will be open againg within the very few weeks.

Pizzikotto restaurant nr. 34 now open in Trento

Big opening in Le Albere neighborhood in Trento, fully designed by Renzo Piano, Pizzikotto resturant fully realized by Fullservice Contract! We've already been in the same neighborhood back in 2016 when we've been building Shi's restaurant.

Restyling & reopening: Old Wild West Silea to reopen soon

The interiors of the restaurant in Silea will be completely revisited and in line with the new openings underway in Italy and abroad. Fullservice Contract will take care of the entire restyling project ensuring that the client will be able to  reopen in a very short time. Thanks to its pluridecal experience in general contracting, Fullservice is a trsuted partner of the market leadres for both new reopenings and restyling.

Fiordaliso Mall in Rozzano, restyling of Old Wild West

The new look of the Old Wild West in Fiordaliso shopping centre will be in synothnia with the new openings. The one of the Fiordaliso shopping centre will be an Old Wild West thet in a few weeks will present itself to the pubblic with completely revisited settings but still characterized by the typical atmosphere of the far west and that wellknown unmistakable menù.

Shi's Mirano opening today!

The day of the awaited opening of Shi's Mirano entirely made by Fullservice has come!

The restaurant has refined interiors in black & gold tones with large welcoming areas. All building and plant interventions were carried out by the paduan general contractor who delivered "turnkey" premises to the client.

Shi's is sushi for everyone, japanese quality that meets the emotion of taste. Shi's is also a genuine and concious choice with dishes of highest quality, freshness of the ingredients and preparation on the spot.

In’s Mercato, new store coming soon to Treviso

In’s Mercato, the italian discount brand of Pam Group is about to open the next store in Treviso. The supermarket is well-known for being equipped with a range of departments as “IN’s Orto”, “IN’s Forno” and “IN’s Pescheria” but also for its concrete actions on two important focuses: sustainability and inclusiveness.

After landing in large-scale distribution with IN’s Carpaneto Piacentino, the italian discount also entrusts to Padua based general contractor the opening of the next store in Treviso city.

Shi's Trieste next opening soon!

Next opening by Fullservice Contract will be a Shi's japanese restaurant with a brand new interior design! A fabulous location next to Trieste gulf, tasty dishes and relaxing environment are already synonims of success. Fullservice Contract will handle the whole project and every phase of works.