“The Client has identified in the general contractor Fullservice a single interlocutor capable of excellent commitments of all the construction processes including the optimization of times and economic costs as well as the competent figure for the supervision of technical and legal responsibilities.” –  declared today Roberto Bertin, the president of board of directors, following the handover of the keys.

With over 25 years of experience in both public and private general contracting businesses, Fullservice has extreme knowledge of the construction processes and of all various deadlines to handle including  technical and bureaucratic deadlines whose failure sometimes leads to extremely uneconomic stops.consiglio di amministrazione

Fullservice acts as coordinator of all the professionals involved in the construction process thus guaranteeing economic savings, as the sub contractors are identified on the basis of the experience of the general contractor and the convenience of the times that they guarantee all within the construction process.

Within the staff there are in fact specific roles who know the job perfectly in the sectors to which they belong. These are able to identify the major criticalities during the various construction or renovation works, and thanks to their specific expertise they know how to overcome them quickly and without exorbitant costs.

At Fullservice we’re used to say: ” We’ll take care of your project so that you can focus only on business.”